i have come up with a formula to determine if it is worth doing anything.
so complete happiness is 1.0 and the opposite is 0.0, while complete ease is 0.0 for effort, with complete effort coming to 1.0, and the time is actually apart of the rating system allowing you to rationalize your results, so that you can weight it up against instant gratification and long term and delayed gratification.
so if you go to the gym, and you have a good session for 1 hour, you get H=1.0 and E=1.0 (H=1.0 due to the endorphin hit that comes with a a good session. and so at the end of the session it is at that point a zero sum equation, but the good session leads to a high for the rest of the day, without any effort, so H=.8 for 5 hours, + a good nights sleep. the next day your a little sore, but still feeling good from the day before
> H=.8 (endorphin high)-.2 (for sore muscles) for 1 day baseline... leads to a day with a .6 baseline with 0 effort which is overall happiness. plus numerous 10 second 1.0 where people say you look well and BAM, hitting the gym is a positive outcome from a seemingly 0 sum equation. (plus other good <0.5>
the thing that seems like it would be a perfect option is however a 1 night stand, happiness is 1.0 (from the hunt and the kill and the eating of the cake) effort is about .14 (possible drinks bought, having to talk to the person, and taxi fares maybe why not). but it falls down on the time scale. so 30 minute hunt, and 5 hours for pre and post. so Worth Rating of 0.86 over 5.5 hours, but this means that you are single. so over 6 months so with say 24 1 night stands at .86/120 hours in 6 months, leaves out that gap bits, and so the gap bits amount up-to something into negatives of time spent alone, and cold bed, and not having dinner cooked for you. and so a swingers lifestyle can lead to an overall happiness scale of around .5 a break even point, slightly higher if you enjoy single life, or lower if you don't have the fall back friends, or intermittent dating. 
so all in all, hit the gym, have fun if your single, but a relationship like the gym with about .5 effort and .8 happiness, over its longevity=.3 baseline, +5.5 hours *1.0-0.0 effort, and the spikes where all is well.
now all i need to do is figure out exactly what i want, so ill go to the gym for a baseline. :)

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