kookaburra has a happy life, not a fun one

The controversy about changing The Kookaburra from mentioning the word “gay” so that it says fun for once has outraged me over such an unusual topic. The reason why gay was adopted by the homosexual community is because of its multi-semantics. The word gay originally meaning happy which is why it was originally used in the song, later meaning sauted, & used as a term for bachelors & prostitutes, because well… people were having a good time. As homosexuals were generally considered bachelors as they weren’t married, the term gay carried on to represent this niche of society. This was then taken as a badge of pride, a way to describe oneself without having to exclaim explicit sexual detail, but instead just saying that your happy seemed enough. Then came post-discrimination. After things were just implied, then said out of vitriol, came post-disc. A time when you say what something is, even if it doesn’t apply, as a way to normalize & own. Then there is the suburban take on this, where you don’t want to have people think one thing when you clearly mean another. This is where this kookaburra ordeal came in. Being a gay man, I have owned the kookaburra song, not as a gay anthem, but as a where we are from. Then political correctness goes insane. Someone has thought it inappropriate to A. have school children sing about sexuality or B. it disrespectful to the “gay community” to imply that all gay people something something ignorant. Its not even that this one person has thought it, its that other people have been sway by Personally not up in arms over it, just a little offended that the thought of changing it for such a na├»ve reason is deplorable.