Are We Dancer??

I have recently been going through a break and one of my mates said that I'm only allowed to listen to happy music. This started em thinking about how music can alter the Human Experience.
With the Left side of the brain being the literal thinking side, and the right side of the brain being rhetoric, (or vice versa, now i doubt myself) which side is the music resonating with. at first i thought, i cant listen to sad music, so i was sure not put on Conner O'berst's last album, because that is never a good idea, so i went with Yael Naim's Paris. as its not in english, so i thought, "don't know the lyrics", which had more of an effect than the English speaking music preceding it. 
Then 2 days later at 4.30am when dancing at a club Pinks, "So What?!" started, and was taken over by rage, not the rabies modified virus that wipes out Britain twice if you have seen 28 days/weeks(/Will there ever be months(?). So where does this over emotion-ness of music come from that exaggerates our experiences... 
One of the last things that i learnt in neuroscience, was that the brain takes in stimulus from the outside world in the frontal cortex, and asks the internal environment, and asks what the gradient should it be at. Thats why when your at a theme park, when you go on a roller-coaster, while your on there you feel scared, and if your scared of hight, really scared, and the degree of scared-ness you had when you got off the ride, is your degree of "Uber-Happpy" in the after math. and the next day, you have a terrible come down from this, because you have had allot of happy stimulation.
So with music being the a great mood alternator, and mood being controlled in the frontal cortex, after taking in information about how it should be feeling from the eyes and ears, and the reassessment of that information in the context of the day, and stress the level of stress the body is going through (increased insulin, Blood pressure), can you get over something faster if you induce a series of mediocre days? 
Each time you focus on a memory, it is taken in, and recreated, and it has been proven that by using drugs that erase memory formation, if they are then taken remembering of something, the memory is dampened, and so a memory that is never remembered is truest to itself. And we remember due to a series of sticky notes being placed at moments in the day that are different, and the body is stressed.  
This brings me to think is it better to Drain it, strain it, and percolate something bad until it looses all of its momentum and turns itself into a Grims tale, repress it, or refocus it into something more productive? Or more simply: are we Dancer?

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