A Christmas message

This Christmas it's time to reflect on the past 12 months because I sure as fuck don't want to be living in the moment today. Seriously, the music is bad (except the Bieber Christmas album), you eat food that you never eat any other time of year because of it's general shitness. If any of you have eaten Turkey in the last year outside of December please let me know, you freak. 

In the past year I have undergone some amazing milestones, I watched the breaking bad finale, watched Friday night lights, & stopped watching modern family. 

It's not just TV that has been there for me, we have also had a new hunger games movie & WWZ (which wasn't as good as the book but whatever). 

I've also done things other then consume media like accidentally hit on someone at work, been robbed while asleep on the sofa, & pulled both of my quads Twerking to destinies child. 

To Surmise, I want to be Amanda Bynes.

Merry Xmas,,
Kane Out 

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