The race to the bottom in 8 months

It has come out today that the election is going to be held on Yom Kippur (14th September  the most sacred day of the Jewish calender.  My thought is that maybe this choice of day is more dirty politics then it may seem to the general observer.

Firstly, The Jewish population isnt really a part of the Labour demographic, but the part of the community which has recently parted ways with the Labour party are the pro-Palestine, human rights focused voters who have predominantly migrated to the greens. though this isnt really a pro-Palestine move in itself, it does plant the sub-conscious seeds.

It can be assumed that the choice of date and the significance was apparent to the PM when choosing it.

From the choice of date, the LNP are forced to acknowledged the date so as not to seem insensitive, which gives the impression of the LNP taking the first cheap shots as with politics everything is blown into hyperbole by supporters of the opposing sides. This forces the LNP to look as though they are the ones playing dirty.

By not changing the date the Labour Party secures votes from persons with the "This is Australia, and in Australia we..." mentality.

I don't know if i have just read way, way, way too into this and politics is a lot dirtier, or if i have become a conspiracy nut, but it just kind makes sense. Sacrifice a community which doesn't support your party and secure some fringe groups which have been lost to the opposition and the Greens.

Let me know if i have gone mad.
Kkane Citizen

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